Board of Directors

The Red Fox Club is managed by the elected Board of Directors which shall consist of not less than 15 not more than 33 members. Each director is required to substantially participate in the functions of operating the Red Fox Club. This includes, but is not limited to, fundraising projects, meeting attendance and committee membership.

Members of the board of directors are required to be at least 19 years of age. Proposed directors shall have their qualifications reviewed by the nominating committee, which reports its findings to the Board of Directors, prior to the annual meeting of members. The term of directors is three years.

For more information on becoming a member of the Red Fox Club's Board of Directors, please contact William Porter, '72 at

President: John “Skip” Blakley
Vice President: Michael Koller ‘00
Secretary: Greg Murin, '72
Treasurer: Bill Scott 

Kevin Andros
Peter Carluccio
Tom Dolan
Craig Gloede '92
J. Scott Greer
Kevin Hamel
George C. Harnen
John Herman
Joe Kowalski
Garry Mitinas
Joe Pantaleo ‘67
William Porter ‘72
Cheryl Remond
Michael Rowan
Ann-Marie Van Etten ‘96
Pegeen Wall