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James J. McCann Recreation Center and Strength & Conditioning Center

The James J. McCann Recreation Center and Strength and Conditioning Center are truly outstanding features in the Red Foxes' overall athletics program.

John J. Gartland Jr. played an extraordinary role in the growth of Marist College, in the advancement of its educational mission and in providing students with athletic and recreational opportunities. As a Marist trustee, Jack Gartland took the lead in expanding athletic and fitness opportunities for all Marist students. The construction of the James J. McCann Recreation Center under his leadership signaled the start of an ambitious commitment to high-quality athletics and recreational facilities at Marist. In 1997, to answer a dramatic increase in the size of the student body and in student interest in sports and fitness, Mr. Gartland championed the renovation and major expansion of the McCann Center. This magnificent addition ushered in a new era in athletics and student recreation at Marist.

Officially opened on April 17th, 1977, the 150,000-square-foot James J. McCann Recreation Center features a field house, a natatorium, two racquetball courts, a 2,200-square-foot dance studio, five locker rooms, a classroom and a Hall of Fame multimedia meeting room. A $350,000 renovation was began in the summer of 2000 that transformed the 2,100-square-foot Dr. Maynard Center for Sports Medicine into a top-flight athletic training room. That same summer saw a renovation and redesign of the Academic Enhancement Center for Student-Athletes into a premier academic facility. The McCann Recreation Center also houses the Marist College Athletic Training academic program offices along with the Athletic Department administrative offices and Coaches Complex.

The addition of the 4,200-square-foot Coaches Complex to the McCann Recreation Center took place in 1997 at a cost of $200,000. The project includes offices for all 23 of Marist's athletic programs, a storage area, a kitchenette and a glass-walled conference room affectionately known as "The Fishbowl."

The McCann Center underwent a 20,000-square-foot expansion in 1997 as a cost of $3 million to provide the College community and student-athletes access to a top-flight training and conditioning facility. This development saw the addition of an 11,000-square-foot Mondo-surfaced auxiliary gymnasium, used heavily by intramurals and club sports, locker rooms, offices, a student lounge and a 9,000-square-foot Strength and Conditioning Center.

The Strength and Conditioning Center encompasses two floors and is able to comfortably accommodate over 100 student-athletes. It provides cutting-edge equipment to assist with the physical training and development of all Marist student-athletes. The center has a over 40 pieces of Wynmore free weight equipment on the first floor complimented by Ivanko dumbbells and Olympic lifting platforms.

The second level of the center is truly a multipurpose space that has just recently received a major face-lift. In June of 2006 the delivery of 38 new pieces of Precor cardio equipment arrived, all outfitted with the latest Cardio Theatre technology. Each treadmill, elliptical, bike, arc trainer and stepper is equipped with an individual 12" television monitor. Each unit is connected to the 84-station campus cable network and equipped with an integrated headphone jack that allows the user to plug into the TV's audio. This technological advancement is common among health clubs that depend on membership for revenue, but rare among college campuses. Marist College is the first institution in the Northeast to install this style of integrated Precor Cardio Theatre.

The Cardio Theatre-equipped cardiovascular training equipment overlooks the first floor of the center and surrounds the 21 Cybex selecterize circuit weight-resistance machines. "Marist is committed to providing our student-athletes opportunities of the highest caliber," notes Marist Director of Athletics Tim Murray. "This complex assists out student-athletes in achieving and maintaining a level of fitness necessary to be competitive at the highest level."

Throughout the center, Mondo All-Sport Impact flooring is utilized, creating a safe and highly durable surface. Additionally, a 900-square-foot aerobics hardwood floor is located on the second level of the Strength and Conditioning Center for use by all students and athletes.

The James J. McCann Recreation Center and Strength and Conditioning Center are available for use by all Marist students, faculty, staff and McCann members during building hours:

Monday-Thursday: 9am to 1am
Friday: 9am to 12pm
Saturday: 12pm to 9pm
Sunday: 12pm to 12pm

*Marist staff members' use of the Strength and Conditioning Center is restricted to 9am to 2pm Monday through Friday.