Longview Park

Longview Park was completed in 2007 with a bike/walk path along the Hudson River's east shore, a fishing pier, the renovation of Marist's historic Cornell boathouse, and better access to scenic vistas, particularly from the gazebo built on a promontory in the center of the park. The 12-acre park is the home of the champion Marist men's and women's rowing teams, and continues to host intercollegiate and interscholastic rowing regattas and rovides visitors with scenic vistas of the historic Hudson River Valley that have inspired presidents, painters, and poets.

The Hudson River provides the Marist men's and women's rowing teams unlimited miles of rowable water situated in the shadows of the Poughkeepsie Railroad Bridge and Mid-Hudson Bridge. Immediately downstream from Marist are the Vassar College rowing facilities as well as the Hudson River Rowing Association's community boathouse. Thirty miles to the south of Marist and on the opposite shore is West Point, home to the United States Military Academy. This close proximity between Marist and Army has created a rich rowing rivalry displayed at the President's Cup Regatta, which has been raced for over four decades.

The State of New York riverfront beautification and development project, funded in part by Marist College, features a new bulkhead and dock system, scenic river walks, renovated green space, a gazebo and new landscaping. The park also hosts several activities for Marist students, including concerts.