RANCHO CORDOVA, California - The Marist Men's Rowing Team completed their final day of competition today at the IRA National Championships being held in Rancho Cordova, CA.

The team was racing in the varsity 4+ category. The Marist boat started racing on Friday in heats and reps where they placed 3rd and 2nd respectively to move them to the top two A/B semifinals for Saturday. A close race, placing them in 4th sent them to the petite or 2nd final for Sunday which determines the final rankings of the boats from 7th-12th.

Marist had ideal lane placement for the race against other boats from Harvard, Navy, Dartmouth, Wisconsin, and MIT. The Red Foxes had a great start just like their Saturday race shooting off the line in close contention with the crews from Navy and Harvard and moving away from the other boats. Marist was in a good position to strike when they suffered an unfortunate equipment failure at roughly 600m into the race. As the two seat rower pressed his feet down, the foot stretcher holding his feet to the boat came dislodged causing the heels of his shoes to swing freely, preventing him achieving full connection with his strokes. While breakage rules exist for such incidents, they only apply for the 1st 100m of each race and so the Marist crew was forced row out the remainder of the race with the boat as is. The Marist Crew bravely fought off attacks from the teams behind but were unable to match the moves from Navy and Harvard to eventually place 3rd in the petite final. This final race secured Marist's placement as the 9th crew at the regatta.

"Breakage incidents are always difficult for the athletes to handle and doubly so when they take place in major races like our petite final today. For our rowers, the IRA represents the peak of their season. Our boat had ideal placement to potentially win their final today and so were disappointed that they were unable to capitalize on this position. While this was a difficult way to end the regatta for the Red Foxes, the crew improved from a 17th position in 2016 to a 9th position in 2017 and should be proud of the many efforts in racing and training that have led to this point. This group's drive and determination were clearly evident at this regatta and we are excited to see what the future has in store as these athletes continue to lead our team into 2018.  We thank all of the families and alumni who have supported the team in 2017 and are already looking forward to next fall!” -  Men's Coach Campbell Woods

The IRA regatta marks the conclusion of the men's rowing season for 2016-17. The team will next hit the water in September to begin training for 2018. Over the summer, several rowers are planning to attend high performance camps and compete for seats in top club and national team crews.

The 2017 IRA Crew consisted of 

Ryan Lillis: Coxswain

Raymond Mattingly: Stroke Seat

Joseph Kohn: 3 Seat

Chris Carlson: 2 Seat

Morgan Stippa: Bow Seat

Tadd Bindas: Starboard Spare

Chris Lazich: Port Spare