On Saturday, Marist women's rowing competed against Colgate, Hamilton, and Ithaca. Marist faced off against Colgate in the morning in both the second varsity and varsity eight while Ithaca and Hamilton faced off. The winners of their duels faced off in the afternoon.

Marist won both the varsity and second varsity eight against Colgate, and Ithaca won both its morning races against Hamilton. This made the afternoon racing to be Marist against Ithaca and Hamilton against Colgate. Ithaca came out on top in both the varsity eight and second varsity eight events. 


Women's Varsity 8+:

Marist: 6:43.1

Colgate: 6:44.4

Women's Second Varsity 8+:

Marist: 6:54.6

Colgate: 7:02.0


Women's Varsity 4+

Ithaca: 7:35.0

Marist: 7:39.6

Women's 3rd Varsity 8+

Ithaca 3V: 7:05.8

Ithaca Freshman: 7:10.1

Marist 3V: 7:25.1


Women's Varsity 8+:

Ithaca: 6:30.4

Marist: 6:49.6

Women's Second Varsity 8+:

Ithaca: 6:47.1

Marist: 6:58.3

“Many of our boats had season best times, which is encouraging going into the MAAC as our next and final race,” coach Taryn Wilson said. “We look forward to fine tuning our boats in the next two weeks before heading to the championship.”

The MAAC Championships will be held on Friday, May 12 at Lake Mercer in West Windsor, New Jersey.

Here are this week's boat lineups:

Women's Varsity Eight: Erin Gisolfi (coxswain), Kelsi Cottrell (8), Julia Rigothi (7), Sydney Ford (6), Clodagh Deasy (5), Kate Beebe (4), Caroline Withers (3), Caroline Defrancesco (2), Eliza Hartford (1)

Women's Second Varsity Eight: Isabelle Koch (coxswain), Julia Czarnecki (8), Elisabeth Kamm (7), Shawna Gilson (6), Lola Heimlich (5), Kerriann Ernenwein (4), Maddy Gragg (3), Abbey Gragg (2), Katherine Perry (1)

Women's Varsity Four: Alexis Batulis (coxswain), Bernadette Winby (4), Amanda Guy (3), Makenna Bortells (2), Shelby Kislowski (1) 

Women's Third Varsity Eight: Caitlin Green (coxswain), Lorraine Delia (8), Ali Mattoch (7), Kristin Ponterio (6), Cheyanne Robinson (5), Maggie Kilkenny (4), Kaela Brunetti (3), Bea Bradford (2), Claire Cowan (1)