CLEMSON, South Carolina – The Marist men’s and women’s rowing teams headed down to their annual training trip in Clemson, South Carolina this past weekend. The Red Foxes will spend the next week training for the upcoming spring portion of thier schedule.

Editor’s note - Junior Courtney Lynch in her own words keeps us up to date with the on-goings of the team for the first couple of days during the trip.

UPDATE - Monday, March 20 - The Men and Women’s Rowing teams arrived home early Sunday morning after a long trip to Clemson, South Carolina. Both teams had two practices on Thursday and then Friday, the women’s team did some racing pieces against Drake, Army West Point and Purdue University. All of these universities were on their spring break training trips as well. 

The racing pieces took place during Friday morning and Friday afternoon. The four teams did 4 by 1,000 meters and 4 by 500 meters on the city course on Lake Hartwell. In the afternoon, the Marist Women’s team did racing pieces against Drake University.  Only this time the teams did their pieces on the Clemson racing course. The teams did a 2,000 meters piece and 2 by 1,000 meters. The teams practiced these types of pieces because this is the type of racing that the teams will take on during their spring seasons.

After all the pieces were over on Friday afternoon, the teams headed to the dining hall one last time for dinner. Once the teams finished dinner, they headed back to the hotel to relax before once last practice Saturday morning. The women’s team took three boats out for practice and the rest of the girls were told to load the trailer since the teams were leaving at noon.

Once the trailer was loaded, the teams headed back to the hotel to pack their suitcases and then got on the bus for a long bus ride home. The teams had an opportunity to grab some lunch before getting on the road .The teams traveled through the day and night and got back to Poughkeepsie around 5am in the morning. The teams will tell you that it was a successful Spring Break Training Trip filled with blisters, discounted Patagonia’s, and miles of rowing.

Happy Racing Season!! 


Thursday, March 16 - The Marist Men and Women’s Rowing teams continued their Spring Break with two practices on Monday and a Tuesday afternoon off. During the afternoon off, the teams took a bus into the town of Clemson and quickly walked to Spill the Beans, which is a famous ice cream place in the town of Clemson, South Carolina. After getting ice cream, the girls then went to do a little shopping. Some of the stores included Entourage and Southern Fried Cotton.

The fun didn’t end there. Some of the girls from the women’s team attended the Clemson baseball game that afternoon and even met James Taylor from the Bachelorette. James Taylor was on JoJo’s season. The day ended with going back to the Clemson Dining Hall for dinner.

The Men and Women’s Spring Break Training Trip is coming to a close at the end of this week. The teams will have a total of four practice lefts, which will have very intense workouts to get ready for their first regatta. The Women’s team will head to New Rochelle to participate in the Iona Invitational on April 1st. The Men’s team will head to New Brunswick, NJ to scrimmage Rutgers University. 

Monday, March 13 - The Marist Men and Women’s rowing teams arrived in Clemson, South Carolina early on Saturday morning. Upon arrival, the teams rigged the boats so the teams could row Saturday afternoon. After rigging the boats, the two teams head back to the hotel so that they could get their room numbers and settle in. The teams are staying about three miles from the beach where the teams row.

Once settled in, the teams headed back to the beach to row. Only this time, the teams decided to walk (or run) to check out the neighboring areas. The teams then rowed during the afternoon. After completion of the first practice, the teams headed back on their respective buses and headed to the Clemson University dining hall. Once at the dining hall, the hungry rowers were overwhelmed by the different variety of food that they could have for dinner.

After dinner was done, the teams then went back to the hotel to relax and get well rested so that they could be ready for what was in store for the next day. Today (Sunday), the Men and Women’s teams had to arrive at the bus at 9am, which meant that they got to sleep in. Once on the bus, the team headed to the beach for a morning row.

The team encountered a mixture of different weather elements including a little rain and wind. The crews went out for a two-hour practice, which was followed by lunch at the Clemson dining hall. After lunch, the teams headed back the hotel to relax before another afternoon row.

Check back to for more updates from Lynch and the rest of Marist Rowing and make sure you follow Marist Athletics on Snapchat on Thursday and Friday to see what else the Men and Women’s Rowing teams are up to during their trip to Clemson, SC.