POUGHKEEPSIE, New York - The Marist Men's and Women's Rowing Teams will be competing at the Head of the Fish Regatta this Saturday, October 29th in Saratoga Springs, NY.

Both teams are coming off competition at the Head of Charles Regatta last week. The Red Foxes will be racing in events all throughout the day on Saturday. The Head of the Fish is a major fixture in the north eastern rowing community with many major college teams in attendance. The rowers will race in a time trial format over a 3.2km stretch of the Fish Creek at the mouth of Saratoga Lake. This race marks the final "Head" Race of the fall rowing season as the team will be attending with the complete squad in the following line-ups.

Women’s Rowing:

The women’s team will send three eights, four fours, and one single to compete. The Head of the Fish takes place in Saratoga Springs, NY on the beautiful Fish Creek. This is the final “Head” race of the season.

“This weekend will be the first time down the race course for many of our walk-on novices,” said assistant coach Taryn Wilson. “We look forward to having the entire team racing this weekend, with many girls rowing in more than one event. A lot of great teams from the Northeast will be there, allowing us to get in some competitive racing.”

Men’s Rowing:

The men’s team will send three eights and two fours to compete. This is the last regatta for the teams as they finish out their fall season of rowing.

“We are once again looking forward to the opportunity to see where we stand with important ECAC and IRA opponents in the early season,” said assistant coach Campbell Woods. “Our performance at the Fish will give us a clear picture of where we need to improve moving into the winter training period.”



  • Women's Collegiate Single: Julia Rigothi
  • Women's Collegiate Varsity Eight: Cox-Izzy Koch, 8-Eliza Hartford, 7-Julia Rigothi, 6-Lola Heimlich, 5-Clodagh Deasy, 4-Kate Beebe, 3-Sydney Ford, 2-Kelsi Cottrell, 1-Elisabeth Kamm
  • Women's Collegiate Second Varsity Eight: Cox-Alexis Batulis, 8-Kimberly Foster, 7-Katherine Perry, 6-Kerrianne Ernenwein, 5-Mahra Lawrence, 4-Abigail Gravb, 3-Dana Angely, 2-Shelby Kislowski, 1-Catherine Karas
  • Women' Collegiate Novice Four: Cox-Courtney Lynch, 4-Juliet Costa, 3-Amanda Guy, 2-Morgan Zuch, 1-Dayna Eidle
  • Women's Collegiate Novice Eight: Cox-Izzy, 8-Lola Heimlich, 7-Elisabeth Kamm 6-Shawna Gilson, 5-Sydney Ford, 4-Lorraine Delia, 3-Kaela Brunetti, 2-Makenna Bortells, 1-Shelby Kislowski

Women's Collegiate Varsity Four -

  • "A"  Cox-Caitlin Green, 4-Clodagh Deasy, 3-Kate Beebe, 2-Dana Angley, 1-Kelsi Cottrell
  • "B" Cox-Erin Gisolfi, 4-Julia Czarnecki, 3-Ali Mattoch, 2-Gabby Lambeth, 1-Madeline Gragg 
  • "C" Cox-Alexis Battulis, 4-Marcella Rose, 3-Nicole Doyle, 2-Bea Bradford, 1-Claire Cowen


  • Varsity 8+: Cox-Dylan Galimi, Stroke-Ray Mattingly, 7-Joe Kohn, 6-Morgan Stippa, 5-Chris Carlson, 4-John Brown, 3-Tadd Bindas, 2-Chris Lazich, Bow-John Livingstone
  • 2nd Varsity 8: Cox Andrew Gaulin, Stroke Christian Wiles-LaFayette, 7 Sam Klamar, 6 Marten Martinson, 5 Rob Bailey, 4 Rami Awad, 3 Tom Basso, 2 Ryan Miller, Bow Dave Warner
  • Freshman 8: Cox-Grace Heavey, Stroke-Tom Roach, 7-Carter Schuh, 6-Matt Blaszczyk, 5-Noah Fay, 4-Ryan Parbs, 3-Ryan Sullivan, 2-Campbell Lang, Bow-Chris Rechen
  • Varsity 4: Cox-Meghan Rigney, Stroke-Nick Olgee, 3-Jayson McKivergan , 2-Christian McDermott, Bow-Ryan Cunningham
  • Freshman 4: Cox-Ari Streeter, Stroke-John Enciso, 3-Tim McQuade, 2-Pat Sullivan, Bow-Brandon Leyva

How to Follow:

To follow results of the regatta you can go to http://www.saratogarowing.com/head-of-the-fish/ or http://www.row2k.com.