As the men’s basketball team continues its 2013-14 season, the Red Foxes also move forward with their community service efforts. At the start of the season, the team was involved in an adoption from the Friends of Jaclyn Organization in November.

The Friends of Jaclyn Organization is an organization that pairs children with brain tumors with high school and collegiate teams in order to give them another sense of family and support during times when they need it most.

The family who expressed interest in the adoption program has two children—Dominic (6 years old), and Angelo (3 years old). Angelo has been fighting pilomyxoid astrocytoma, a pediatric brain tumor. The men’s basketball team adopted Dominic, Angelo’s older brother, as a part of the Friends of Jaclyn "Safe of the Sidelines" program to adopt siblings who are in need of support at such a difficult time.

The adoption ceremony included Denis Murphy (Jaclyn’s Dad) and Taryn Murphy (Jaclyn’s sister), who spoke about the organization. Angelo’s and Dominic’s mother also had an opportunity to speak as well, while Jaclyn and her mother, Lynda, were in attendance.

The men’s basketball has since welcomed Dominic to the Marist family, as it continues to offer its support to him and his family.