Student Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC)

The mission of the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) is to serve as a vehicle to promote communication between the athletic administration and student-athletes at Marist by providing a student-athlete voice within the department, discussing issues and concerns, and providing feedback as necessary.

SAAC also serves in a leadership role recruiting fellow student-athletes to serve the campus, Poughkeepsie, and the surrounding area through a variety of community service programs and events. Further, it is our privilege and responsibility to enhance the relationships between the Athletic Department and all other realms within Marist College.

SAAC is a fantastic way to further strengthen the bonds within the student-athlete community. Through SAAC, athletes are granted a voice in the administration and receive opportunities to become involved in their community. SAAC helps athletes to develop skills whereby they can enhance existing leadership characteristics.

President: Abigail Witczak, Women's Lacrosse

2016-17 Team Representatives:

Baseball: Scott BochesTyler Kapuscinski  

Men's Basketball: Kentrall Brooks, David Knudsen

Women's Basketball: Allie Clement, Hannah Hand

Men's Rowing: Jack Brown, Ryan Lillis

Women's Rowing:  Kate Beebe, Julia Rigothi

Men's XC/Track: Brian Edsall, Michael Kennedy

Men's Track & Field: Nate Lungarini

Women's XC/Track & Field: Roxanne NovoBrianne Vess

Women's Track & Field: Danisha Craig

Football: Christopher Apicella, Cameron Gibson

Men's Lacrosse: Brian Corrigan, J.D. Recor

Women's Lacrosse: Abigail Witczak, Stefanie Wenz

Men's Soccer: Mark Rajovic, Drew Sullivan

Women's Soccer: Makala Foley, Hope Quinonez

Softball: Casey PageKourtney Paul

Men's Swimming & Diving: Harris Nagle, Peter Gallino

Women's Swimming & Diving: Meredith Wurtz, Shannon Gordon

Men's Tennis: Max Darrington, Timo Tanzer

Women's Tennis: Elizabeth Brozovich, Ariel ShulmanCallie Morlock

Volleyball: Sydney Rojek, Taylor van der Biezen

Water Polo: Jocelyn McQuade, Shannon Taliaferro