Marist Boathouse

Without question the campus athletic facilities with the greatest amount of history in the Marist Athletics Department are the boathouses, located on campus, which sit on the banks of the Hudson River. Currently, two houses exist. The first is the original boathouse once occupied by Cornell University's crew teams during their annual training and racing at the IRA National Championship Regatta, which was held in Poughkeepsie from the late 19th century until 1949. The second boathouse is currently home to the Marist men's and women's rowing programs. The Marist boathouse, which stands on the former site of the University of California and University of Washington boathouses, is adjacent to the Cornell boathouse.

The Hudson River provides the Marist men's and women's crew teams unlimited miles of rowable water situated in the shadows of the Poughkeepsie Railroad Bridge and Mid-Hudson Bridge. Immediately downstream from Marist are the Vassar College rowing facilities as well as the Hudson River Rowing Association's community boathouse. Thirty miles to the south of Marist and on the opposite shore is West Point, home to the United States Military Academy. This close proximity between Marist and Army has created a rich rowing rivalry displayed at the President's Cup Regatta, which has been raced for over four decades. In 2009 – the 400th anniversary of Henry Hudson’s voyage up the river that would then bear his name – Marist hosted the Poughkeepsie Regatta, which included several of the original stewards from the IRA national championships.

The Marist boathouse provides numerous amenities to the men's and women's crew teams, who have established themselves as the dominant rowing force in the MAAC, owning more league crowns than any other school. The boathouses' on-campus location is a rarity in collegiate rowing. Two boat bays exist which contain a fleet of 16 top-of-the-line Vespoli shells. Additionally, on the second floor are 30 Concept II ergs, free weights, a video viewing lounge and a coaching office.

The State of New York riverfront beautification and development project, funded in part by Marist College, features a new bulkhead and dock system, scenic river walks, renovated green space, a gazebo and new landscaping. Renamed Longview Park, this 12-acre parcel along the banks of the Hudson River will further benefit the Marist men's and women's crew teams along with members of the community.