Student Booster Club

The Marist College Student Booster Club was founded in April 2009 by a pair of individuals who looked to increase attendance and school spirit at all home sporting events. The Student Booster Club quickly became one of Marist's largest clubs, with this semester's club roster coming in at over 1,050 students. Alongside the Marist College band, dance team and cheerleaders, the Student Booster Club is a part of making the atmosphere at all sporting events the place to be when any Marist team has a home game.

On Oct. 23, 2009, the Marist College Student Booster Club officially unveiled the Foxhole, a re-branding of the student section at the James J. McCann Center. The Student Booster Club helps ensure that the Foxhole is a feared section for all opponents in every sport.

The Student Booster Club is always looking for more members. For more information, please email

CLICK HERE to visit the Marist Student Booster Club's official website.