Marist Fight Song

There's no one that evokes more school spirit at a Red Foxes sporting event than Marist's Director of Music, Art Himmelberger. In an attempt to build spirit and pride among the college's fans, alumni, faculty, staff and students, Art began creating the lyrics and music for Marist's first fight song during the spring of 2006. The Marist Band began learning the music and words upon their return to campus in the fall.

The Marist Fight song made its official public debut at the McCann Center on October 13, 2006 when the Marist Band introduced the song at the beginning of the Red Fox Tip-off event which marked the start of the 2006-2007 basketball season.

Marist Fight Song
(Shout) -- M-A-R ---- I-S-T,
MARIST, COLLEGE to victory!
(music interlude)

1st Verse
Marist, College, Let the bells ring.
Honor, Glory, Your Praises We Sing.
We're here with banners fly-ing!
Our shouts of victory cry-ing! Rah! - Rah! - Rah!
Alma, Mater, We love you dear.
Conquering, Heroes, We're here to cheer.
We have no fear for Marist College,
We'll fight on to victory.

2nd Verse - (Fun words)
Marist, Foxes, We're on the run.
Up hill, down hill, having much fun.
We lure our every foe,
Into the Red Fox hole. Rah! - Rah! - Rah!
Scratch them, tear them, rip them a part.
Offense, Defense -- right from the start,
We have no fear for our Red Foxes,
They'll fight on to Victory.