Red Foxes

A 1961 meeting marked the adoption of the Red Foxes as the official nickname and mascot. Athletic Director Brother William Murphy decided to organize a varsity basketball team to play scheduled games against other schools and thought a nickname and logo would be appropriate. While glancing at a sports magazine, Br. Murphy noticed a reynard, more commonly known as a red fox, on the cover of the book. The red fox was indigenous to the Hudson River Valley, making it a perfect fit for Marist. He decided this fury little creature was to become the mascot and logo of Marist College teams. The Reynard was a cunning, intelligent character in a set of stories from Medieval France.

Because the term Reynard was so uncommon, Brother Murphy chose to call the team the "Red Foxes". Although the football team briefly changed their name to the "Vikings" during the early 1970s, the Red Fox has been the college mascot from 1961 until the present. In the 1960s and early 1970s, the Red Fox was pictured wearing a sailor's hat. This was due to the fact that the sailing team won the ECAC championship during the 1960s and was the dominant Marist sports team at the time.

School Colors - Red & White

The red and white college colors are derived from the coloration of the fox. The Red Fox is most commonly a rusty red, with a white underbelly, black ear tips and legs and a bushy tail.

New Look for the Red Foxes

The Marist Athletics Department unveiled its new family of logos on June 19, 2008 in a press conference at the McCann Center.

The main reason for this project was to build a recognizable Marist brand using the unique characteristics of the Red Fox logo that have been part of the Marist tradition for a number of years. The objective was to incorporate the Marist name into the logo so that sports fans across the country could identify the Red Foxes with Marist. With the success of many of Marist's Division I teams on the national level, it was important to create a brand that showcased not only the Red Fox and "M", but the Marist name, which was not included in the previous logo.

The purpose of this project was not to eliminate the old Red Fox logo. The goal was to enhance the current logo in order to build a more recognizable Marist brand. The Marist Athletics Department began working with Phoenix Design Works based in New York City on January 18, 2008 to design a family of logos that now serve as the foundation of the Marist Athletics brand.

A new family of logos was created for the Athletics Department's use on apparel, printed materials, digital applications and merchandise. Varsity sports, club sports, spirit groups and various departments now have their own "sports specific" logo. The new family of logos also includes traditional collegiate marks that will be featured on Marist Athletics apparel.

A Collection of Marist Athletics Logos - 1963 to present

Red Fox Logo - 1963
"The Marist College Record"
       Red Fox Drawings - 1965
1965 Marist Reynard
       Red Fox Logo - Modern Era
Marist Athletics Department

Marist Red Fox Logo
Unveiled June 19, 2008