Rules for "Booster/Representatives of Athletics Interest"

Under NCAA Rules parents, alumni, and friends may be categorized as "boosters/representatives of athletics interests." This site is provided as a quick reference tool to the many NCAA Rules and Regulations that apply to "boosters/representatives of athletics interests."

Please recognize that Marist College appreciates the interest and support of all its constituencies, but urges each of you to become familiar with the rules and regulations of the NCAA. It is very important that Marist College retains institutional control over our programs and reports any problems to the NCAA. We depend on our coaches, staff and you as a representative to help us maintain clean and honest programs.

Marist College continually strives for academic and athletic excellence. Combined with that pursuit is an on-going commitment to ethical conduct by all members of its staff and supporters. Please remember that even the simplest, inadvertent actions on your part can jeopardize the eligibility of student-athletes and/or prospects and the compliance of the College with NCAA regulations. By understanding these rules you, as a supporter, can better assist Marist Athletics in ensuring that our programs are maintaining the highest standards of sportsmanship and fair play.

PLEASE NOTE: The scope and complexity of NCAA legislation precludes complete coverage on this website. We suggest, therefore, that you forward additional questions to the Compliance Officer or Athletic Director.








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