Tailgating for Marist Football

The following tailgating policy is in effect to ensure a safe and enjoyable tailgating experience for our fans. The Marist College Athletics Department encourages fans to arrive early, tailgate, and enjoy Marist football.

Tailgating Policy

Tailgating is limited to the McCann/Sheahan parking lot and is NOT permitted in the Donnelly parking lot. Tailgating spaces are limited. Chairs, tables, tents, etc. must be confined to a small area around your vehicle. Tailgating will only be permitted during pre-game and post-game. There is no re-entry since restroom facilities are now available inside the stadium.

All alcoholic beverages must be consumed from plastic/paper cups. No glass containers, cans, funnels or similar devices will be allowed. Kegs, drinking games and/or mass consumption of alcohol are prohibited. Underage drinking is not permitted; all local and state laws must be obeyed.

The Student Code of Conduct prohibits students from Tailgating at any time, even if they are over 21 years of age. Consumption of Alcohol and/or possession of an open container is not permitted on the grounds of the campus without prior approval of the Vice-President of Student Affairs.

All others are subject to rules and regulations set forth by Marist College. Violations of any of these policies will result in removal from the campus and a ban from the tailgating area.

Marist College reserves the right to restrict tailgating at its sole discretion.